My Story

IMG_20181130_074143_348.jpgMy name is Anika.  I created this blog as a way to capture images and creative thoughts on my journey to easing my anxiety through needlework.  My dear grandmother first taught me how to crochet as a young girl and she continued to teach me crochet right up until she passed away of ovarian cancer at 84 years old. I literally sat by her as she lay dying and she would coach me along.

Each time I pick up a needle I feel close to her. When she passed I inherited all of her yarn and needles. Over the years I have picked up yarn to do projects but for some reason, my heart could not get into it. I eventually gave up on it and for the past 4 years crochet and I have been disconnected. Then one day after feeling so much anxiety, I decided to pick them back up and as I listened to a book on Audible, I was taken away to a world far from my stress as a school principal and school founder, away from my mommy worries, away from all other stresses that often consume me.

My husband instantly noticed a difference in my level of peace.  There was actually…PEACE.  I felt joyful. I felt renewed. As I finished projects created by me, my hunger to do more needlework grew. So I then turned to knitting and I continue to teach myself how to knit.  I love doing both. I get lost and I feel my fingers sometimes itch to hold a needle.

I’m actually better at crochet than knitting, but I aim to become great at both, especially since I literally carry yarn with me everywhere and pick up a needle whenever I can.  It’s better to do this than to pick up a cigarette I figure!  LOL!

I go to craft stores and shop for yarn like I’m buying a new pair of shoes. The colors and textures make me so happy. I love hearing my children ask me to make them this or that.  My life is still hectic, but now instead of chest pains and sleepless nights, I just pick up a needle and my soul is at rest.